Vinyasa Flow Yoga Delray Beach, FL

We focus on the coordination of movement and breath while flowing seamlessly between postures in a continuous flow. Includes standing poses, inversions, arm balances, twists and balancing poses. Builds endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Come and join the flow! $10 class – Child Care $5

Instructor Dee Greenberg first learned Sun Salutations at the age of 17 in 1970. Her teacher was a suburban housewife, Edith Berger. In her first yoga lesson Dee was shown Sun Salutations, how to meditate on a candle flame and she learned to do the yoga headstand. [Read more…]

Affordable Yoga Wednesday Nights Delray Beach Beginners Yoga Class – $10

Beginners Yoga Delray Beach, FL

Beginners Yoga Delray Beach, FL

Family Yoga Zen Zone has Yoga with Childcare. Perfect for working mothers or stay at home Moms. Classes are affordable and open to all. $10 gets you a one hour yoga class with a highly skilled, experienced instructor. The studio has a laid back, Zen vibe. There is no pretense here. You will feel welcomed, the moment you walk in the door.

Classes rage from Family Yoga to Teen Yoga to Kids Yoga – Vinyasa Flow both slow and fast, Power Yoga, Beginners Yoga and Meditation.

In addition there are weekly, fun events that sometimes include sangria or beer. [Read more…]

Yoga Delray Beach

You will be encouraged to go at your own pace and modify poses when needed. We’ll focus on fundamental poses and practices. This will include some continuous flow as well as static poses. No experience needed.

The foundations of yoga include:

  • Breathing for Relaxation
  • Cultivating Meditative Awareness
  • Grounding the Energy Throughout the Body in Standing Poses
  • Meditation in Motion [Read more…]