Beginners Meditation Delray Beach Florida

Beginners Meditation Boynon Beach
We”ll be exploring how to create powerful intentions for 2018 and foolproof methods to reinforce those intentions. Attitude is everything! Learn to change gears in a heartbeat. Having a supportive community is critical. Please join us.

By using simple, time tested tools we will learn to shift our mental outlook and begin to cultivate a positive and relaxed state of mind.

This is a breath centered practice and includes:
• Breath Awareness
• 3 Part Yoga Breathing
• Mantra Meditation
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Techniques to cultivate sharp mental focus
• Various Meditation Techniques to facilitate the integration of body, mind and spirit as one
•  Discussion & Sharing

The long term result of this practice is the ability to live fully in the present moment with clarity of mind, and a calm, even demeanor. We no longer sweat the small stuff and we’re able to maintain an ongoing contented state of mind.

Meditation has many health benefits including the prevention of high blood pressure, minimizing the effects of stress on our nervous systems and providing relief from muscular tension and pain.

Dee Greenberg RYT – 500, has been reaping the benefits of meditation since 1972. She has been practicing and evolving with the practice since that time. Dee has also studied Instinctive Meditation with Dr. Lorin Roche Ph.D. and became certified to teach Meditation in 2011.

Beginners Meditation is held weekly from 7 – 8 PM at Family Yoga Zen Zone at 1201 N. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach, FL. $10 to drop in.

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