Mindfulness Meditation South Florida


While cleaning house this morning I realized that meditation can serve as an antidote to feeling like we always need to understand things and intellectualize about everything. When in fact all we really need is to learn how to “BE”.

Meditation teaches us to sit and simply experience LIFE with no agenda whatsoever. It gives us permission to simply bask in the pleasure of breathing and the pleasure of being conscious, the pleasure of living in our bodies, the pleasure of being here now.

Once we master this experience of simply BEING, we start to notice who we really are. This can lead to self acceptance and unconditional self love. Self acceptance with unconditional self love is the spring board for change. Without embodying this consciousness – lasting change is impossible. Fleeting change is easy to achieve. It takes little effort. Lasting change requires mindfulness, discipline and intention.

Once we master the art of simply BEING and sitting with ourselves, we then have the freedom to choose who or what we want to be. Meditation opens up the creative consciousness that often lies dormant inside us. With access to this wellspring of creativity – we realize that in fact anything is possible for us in this lifetime. There is nothing stopping us from fulfilling our deepest desires and from living our dreams.

Notice your unceasing need to always understand things and to intellectualize about everything. This can be a great barrier to health and happiness. On the other hand we need logical, linear thinking in order to function and be productive. However we don’t need to be addicted to it. We need to balance it with wildly creative pursuits like dancing, singing, painting, writing, daydreaming and meditation.

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