Vinyasa Flow Yoga Delray Beach, FL

We focus on the coordination of movement and breath while flowing seamlessly between postures in a continuous flow. Includes standing poses, inversions, arm balances, twists and balancing poses. Builds endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Come and join the flow! $10 class – Child Care $5

Instructor Dee Greenberg first learned Sun Salutations at the age of 17 in 1970. Her teacher was a suburban housewife, Edith Berger. In her first yoga lesson Dee was shown Sun Salutations, how to meditate on a candle flame and she learned to do the yoga headstand.

So when at the age of 50 Dee was introduced to Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea, she already had a strong foundation from which to build a well rounded Vinyasa practice.

Although Dee was already certified in Kripalu Yoga at the time, she found Prana Flow Yoga to be immensely challenging. Despite the difficulty of this new style of yoga, Dee persevered until finally she grew to love this style of yoga almost as much as life itself.

Dee is very fond of telling people that her yoga practice is the only thing that keeps her sane. She was fortunate to have discovered this at 17 and now in her 60’s Dee is stronger and more fit than ever!

Her classes are vigorous and fun and at the same time you are challenged to remain focused and calm throughout the practice. This is the best training for the daily challenges of life off the mat!


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