Yoga Delray Beach

You will be encouraged to go at your own pace and modify poses when needed. We’ll focus on fundamental poses and practices. This will include some continuous flow as well as static poses. No experience needed.

The foundations of yoga include:

  • Breathing for Relaxation
  • Cultivating Meditative Awareness
  • Grounding the Energy Throughout the Body in Standing Poses
  • Meditation in Motion
  • Opening the Shoulders
  • Opening the Heart Chakra
  • Forward Folds
  • Squatting Poses
  • Continuous Fluid Movement
  • Sahaja Flow
  • Sun Salutations
  • Surya Namaskar A (we will modify this sequence)
  • Traditional Sun Salutations with Lunges
  • Core Strengthening
  • Push Ups
  • Head Stand
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Deep Hip Stretches
  • Twisting Poses
  • Standing Warrior Poses
  • Seated Poses
  • Shavasana (Deep Relaxation)
  • Meditation

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