Weekly Meditation Class Delray Beach, FL

You will be introduced to various meditation techniques and tools that will allow you to experience a deep sense of relaxation and contentment. The class combines the practices of deep yoga breathing with some gentle stretches to release physical tension in the body. Dee Greenberg will teach you how to both utilize the breath and to practice breath awareness as a catalyst to transform your consciousness. In addition you will be encouraged to take the meditation practice out of the studio and into the world to begin to transform various aspects of your life. Meditation can be used to deepen your connection to spirit and also as a tool for personal growth in any area of your life. We will explore the following techniques: 

Mindfulness Meditation
Mantra Meditation
Guided Visualization
Breath Based Meditation
3 Part Yoga Breathing
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Chanting Om
Concentration Exercises
Instinctive Meditation

The cost is $10 to drop in. Pre-Registration is recommended.

Call the studio with questions – 561-303-1005
Or you can send Dee a text message – 561-245-1273

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