Beginners Yoga Boca Raton, Florida

Please join us for Beginners Yoga every Thursday morning at 10:15 – 11:30 AM.  We are hosted at The Highland Beach Library in their spacious Community Room featuring a beautiful hardwood floor and state of the art sound system. This is an all levels yoga class that caters to beginners and we welcome those who have never done yoga before. Seniors encouraged to attend. There is a strong focus in this class on mastering the basics which are reviewed every week for newcomers. Experienced students are strongly encouraged to consistently take on new challenges in their practice.   [Read more…]

Beginners Yoga Highland Beach Library

HIGHLAND BEACH_SMThe Highland Beach Library is located at 3618 South Ocean Blvd. Highland Beach, Florida 33487. We are on A1A approximately 1.75 miles South of Linton Ave. and approx. 1 mile North of Spanish River Blvd. The Library is on the West side of A1A, set back from the Police Station and Fire Station at The Town of Highland Beach. For more info Please call Dee @561-245-1273 or email Dee: Or visit Yoga Boca

Natarajasana Dancer’s Pose

This is the basic level Dancer Pose. (Natarajasana) I consider this pose to be a high beginner or Intermediate level pose. It strengthens the legs, and opens the hip flexors, spinal column, shoulders and heart. A challenging balancing posture for sure.

Pincha Mayurasana Yoga Forearm Stand, Elbow Stand

I’ve been tweaking this posture since I first started practicing it sometime around the age of 50 (working with the wall.) Now 12 years later, I still find it quite challenging but also extremely rewarding. So now at 62, I try to come up into it once per day if at all possible!

Yoga Boca Raton Handstand Practice

At 61 I still have the goal of mastering the handstand – – I began this journey late in life, in my 50’s with absolutely no experience – no gymnastics background – nothing! – Over the years I’ve gotten stronger. Core strength and arm strength are critical for mastering this. For me the definition of “mastery” is just to let go of the FEAR. I recently started pumping iron again (7 weeks before my 62nd birthday). I’ve noticed that the handstands are coming easier now as my upper body gets stronger. This photo was taken at LA Fitness in Delray Beach, FL.